Our topless cake serves a number of purposes, so we have discovered over the years. 

Did you know that  it’s a been a long tradition in the UK and no doubt through Europe where fruit cake is enjoyed with a good slice of cheese?  They say the stronger the flavour the better, but my preference is the  Barry’s Bay Havarti… rich, smooth & creamy.   

Our topless cakes are ideal for those that have a nut allergy.  When baking our topless cakes, we make every attempt to ensure that the bakery has been cleaned from top to bottom. However, I do need to mention that our bakery has been exposed to nuts such as pecans, almonds, walnuts.

And, some people just enjoy the taste of our Christmas cakes without the bells and whistles on top!

 A much loved family recipe, the Pōhutukawa Pantry Medium Christmas Cake is bursting with fruit. Carefully selected sun dried apricots, raisins, sultanas, cherries and tangy citrus, are soaked in Kaiapoi Distillery’s exceptional quality crafted brandy, warmed by the Canterbury sun and turned regularly over three days making the fruit plump and juicy while developing the flavours and heavenly aromas.

Fresh free range local eggs and locally sourced flour mixed with the finest festive spices help to bind the mixture. Each cake is then individually wrapped and regularly brushed with brandy during the four month maturation process.


200 mm Diameter

2 Kg

22 Servings

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