Hi there lovers of Pohutukawa Pantry Christmas festive treats.

I don’t know about you but I feel as if 2017 has flown by incredibly quickly. In fact....fifty three more sleeps before the big day arrives.  On our door step before you know it!

2017 has been an exciting, busy and productive year for us at the bakery.  New name, new logo, new website, new Facebook page, new yummy goodies and new team members. 

New Name

 Why did we change our name from “Pohutukawa Christmas Cake Company”  to  “Pohutukwa Pantry”?  Basically the original  name was a bit of a mouthful and secondly we are seriously thinking about expanding our product range to enable us to utilize our equipment and bakery for certain special events. Watch this space. 

New Logo

 During the year we got together with an amazing marketing company called Cherry Red who helped us to create an image that perfectly reflects what Pohutukawa Pantry is all about and as you can see, Jackie and her team have done a magnificent job.  Natural and quality, a reflection of what we always set out to achieve when we bake at Pohutukawa Pantry. 

New Bakers

   As we expand so does the need to employ extra capable hands so without further ado, I have great pleasure in introducing to you, Fiona and Penny.

Fiona’s professionalism and knowledge having had many years of experience in the baking industry is proving to be Pohutukawa Pantry’s secret weapon!  Watch this space as Fiona’s got plenty of new delectable yummy ideas that will really tempt your taste buds.

Our youngest and also the newest member of the baking team is Penny.  Penny’s enthusiasm, positive personality, quickness to learn and high standards is certainly going to be a big asset to Pohutukawa Pantry. Attention to detail is also one of Penny’s biggest strengths and like Fiona, has a very creative mind and has new ideas of her own.  Once again, watch this space.

There is exciting times ahead.

Have an amazingly wonderful day!

The Team